I am passionate about flowers and I love to photograph them.  Flowers are beautiful, engaging, and cooperative.  They never require me to set up an appointment and they communicate without words.  They simply show me their beauty, and I capture it.  What could be better than spending my time in a beautiful garden, surrounded by nature’s splendor?

The last five years I have traveled all over North America, photographing flowers.  They have become my intimate friends.  Each flower expresses to me its unique charm. With the click of the shutter I capture their story, to be viewed and enjoyed again and again.  Two of my favorites are tulips and peonies. The Dutch Masters often included tulips (especially the parrot variety) in their still life paintings because they had the most personality of any flower, with their unique form, color, and movement. And the peony is even more romantic than the ever-popular rose.   

My favorite technique for photographing flowers is against a stark black background. As I compose my shot, I study the form and observe how the reflections of light dance on the petals.  Then I hold a black card behind the flower to shield it from the distracting background and use my camera settings to make sure the whole flower is in sharp focus.  This techniques is a bit more challenging to execute, but no flowers are harmed in the process, and the results are worth the effort. Next, I carefully edit each photo to my exact standards, using various types of digital software. My editing goal is to amplify the look of the flower without over-processing the image. The end result is a stunning piece of art that will be proudly displayed for many years to come. 

I'm delighted to capture the essence of these beautiful blooms and to share them with all those who enjoy the beauty of floral photography. I want to take it a step further by diving deeper into the world of flowers. I've begun my journey as a certified Master gardener and plan to continue my study of botanicals and floriculture. I want to share with others my process of creating beautiful botanical images, and I’m looking forward to meeting people at gardens across the county who share my love of flowers.